Oak Grove has been a faithful, worshiping community for 175 years.  During that time we have baptized children and adults, taught the Christian faith, and built a community of faith within the community of Oak Grove.  We consider ourselves a vital, even defining, part of the Oak Grove community.

Oak Grove is open to all of God’s children. As the neighborhood has developed, grown, changed, and experienced cycles of renewal, Oak Grove’s congregation has evolved. We are fourth and fifth generation Oak Grovians, and we are newcomers.  Some of our members are over 100 years old, and we baptize several babies every month. We are single, we are couples, and we are large families. We share a love of Jesus Christ, and a desire to build life-changing communities through Jesus Christ.

We invite you to be a part of this life-changing community.

We believe no one who asks for help should be turned away.
We believe it is good to ask questions.
We believe that none of us is qualified to judge the lives of others.
We believe a church is not a building.
We believe you cannot embrace God without embracing God’s people.