Text to Give

Oak Grove is excited to introduce “Text To Give” as a new giving option for our donors. We hope you will enjoy the convenience. You can text to give at anytime from anywhere you have service. It is very easy!

1. Enter 678-853-7088 in the TO line. Remember this is a text, not an email.

2. In the message line, enter a dollar amount of at least $3.00 using this format $100.00

3. After the last digit insert one and only one space then enter designation,
e.g. Blessing.

4. FIRST TIME ONLY – You will receive a link to Vanco where you will securely enter your information and confirm your transaction. Once you successfully register, you will receive a text and email confirmation of your gift as well as an option to refund.

5. In the future, you need only to text the dollar amount and the designation. Unless you designate a fund, then the money will go to Operating. Designation options will change. Currently you may choose from the following case sensitive choices.


Building is for the building fund.

Blessing is for our ongoing mission offering.

6. If you have questions, please contact Church Administrator, Dale Smith.

1. Make sure you enter the dollar amount in the proper format using the $ and a decimal.
2. In registering your name and email in the initial registration remove any extra spaces. If you have a space at the beginning or the end, the system will not accept your donation.
3. Check the spelling on designated accounts. The words are case sensitive.