4th & 5th Grade


  • 4th Grade- Room 203
  • 5th Grade- Room 202

4th and 5th graders meet at 9:35 in Room 202 for Submerge Large Group Time. Small group time follows, with 4th graders moving to Room 203, across the hall. Sunday School starts at 9:35AM and ends at 10:45 AM.


Parents are asked to use one of the computerized check-in kiosks on Sunday mornings upon arrival. Kiosks are located in Room 107 in the Nursery area, in the Portico or upstairs next to Room 202. Two name tags are printed for each child. One tag goes on your child and the other is presented to the teacher or caregiver as you pick up your child. You DO NOT need to check out children at the kiosk. Parents, please be timely in picking up children so our teachers can get to worship on time.