From August to May, dinner begins in the Fellowship Hall at 5:30 p.m. and is followed by programs and classes offered to church members and guests on an interesting variety of topics. These include short term Bible study, basics of Christianity, adult theological discussions, marriage and parenting, adult arts and crafts classes,  music, and guest speakers. Midweek program for children is Children’s Choirs (3 yrs. through– 5th grade).  Nursery care, adult, youth, and children’s programs all begin after dinner at 6:15 p.m.

Wednesday night dinners are prepared according to the reservations made.  We prepare enough hot food for those who reserve the hot plate, enough salad for salad bar reservations, and enough children’s food for those reservations.  We ask that you consistently honor the reservations you make, and we will be most grateful.  Please, no grazing!  Please make your reservations or cancellations by calling the church office before noon on the Monday prior to the Midweek you wish to attend. Thanks!

You may make a standing reservation for the year; however, you must cancel these reservations BY NOON on Monday to avoid paying for meals you miss.

If you have any questions about Midweek, please contact Rev. Dr. Joseph McBrayer (jmcbrayer@ogumc.org or 404.636,.7558 ext 210).