Oak Grove Memorial Scholarship

Oak Grove United Methodist Church Memorial Scholarship Fund Award

This scholarship award is open to all members of Oak Grove UMC. Previous winners are eligible for a second award but must re-apply. Candidates must have graduated from high school or its equivalent before July 1 of the year in which they will use the scholarship. They must have sufficient academic records to be accepted by an accredited college, junior-college or technical institute. Students already enrolled in college are eligible to apply.

Judges will take into consideration factors of academic success, interest, special abilities, financial need and other factors in arriving at their choice of scholarship recipients.


The person applying for the scholarship should complete this five page application form (.doc here) and mail it along with any attachments to the Oak Grove UMC address shown on the bottom of page five. Mail it as early as you can. Oak Grove UMC should receive the application, transcripts and letters of recommendation by June 1 of each year.

In addition to this completed form, Oak Grove UMC needs the following:

  • A transcript of grades and credits through the first semester of your senior year (high school applicants) or transcripts covering a minimum of the previous two scholastic years.
  • Two letters of recommendation from members of Oak Grove UMC and one from your high school. (See page 3, question 16.)

These items MUST arrive at Oak Grove UMC by June 1.

Be sure that your name appears on all attachments and particularly anything mailed separately.

Forms may be reproduced. If you need more space to answer a question, use a blank sheet of paper. Forms are also available online at www.ogumc.org and they may be sent to you by email. Please contact Dale Smith in the Church office with your request, 404-636-7558.