As a United Methodist Church, Oak Grove’s structure is based on The Book of Discipline. Oak Grove’s governance is representative and church members elect people to manage the temporal and spiritual affairs of the congregation. The Charge Conference is the highest governing body of the Church. The Board of Stewards meets monthly and serves as the executive agency of the Charge Conference which typically happens in the fall.

Strategic Mission

“Creating life changing communities through Jesus Christ.”

Oak Grove seeks to create welcoming communities where all of God’s children experience acceptance, affirmation, opportunity and life transformation.


Every member of Oak Grove will:

  • Mention Oak Grove Church once weekly.
  • Invite someone to Oak Grove and offer to meet them at church once quarterly.
  • Participate in a small discipleship group every year.
  • Share in a domestic mission project every year.
  • Participate (as able) in an overseas mission project once every five years.

Roster of 2024 Officers

There are many ministry areas of the church. They are grouped under broad program ministry areas of:

Weekday Ministries (YCS/OGCS)
Specialized Ministries

These groups provide the heart and soul of ministry at Oak Grove.

If you are interested in serving in leadership at Oak Grove, please contact Beth LaRocca-Pitts, 404-636-7558 or  Most leadership positions are filled in the fall for the following calendar year.

At Oak Grove, we take the safety of children seriously. Our church has adopted the following Safe Environment Policy to protect children.


Communication Guidelines (Click to download the PDF)
Our church leadership values healthy communication among congregants and seeks to be open to input from members of the church. To foster healthy communication, the Church Council has adopted the following Communication Guidelines. These guidelines will help you know how best to contact your church-governing committees.

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