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Rev. Dr. Beth LaRocca-Pitts

Senior Pastor
Phone: 404-636-7558 ext. 211

Rev. Dr. Amy Morgan

Pastor of Congregational Care
Phone: 404.636.7558 Ext. 210

Rev. Dr. Joseph McBrayer

Pastor of Invitation and Discipleship
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext.212

Bishop Larry Goodpaster

Bishop in Residence


Dale Smith

Executive Director
Phone: 404.636.7558 Ext. 225

Pamela Reynolds

Director of Finance
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 224

Rachel Fullerton

Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 220

Diane O'Steen

Membership / Database Administrator
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 221

Sandee Edmondson

Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext 228

Children’s Ministry

Elizabeth Loughran

Director of Children's Ministry
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 218

Keshia Andrews-Edwards

Director of Young Children's School
Phone: 404-636-7951 ext 240

Nancy Brooks

Director of Oak Grove Christian School
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 232

Johnna Feild

Children's Ministry Program Coordinator
Phone: 404-636-7558 ext. 238

Claire Metzloff

MOPS Nursery Coordinator

Tedy Dasher

Summer Intern

Tameka Brown

Nursery Coordinator

Music Ministry

Atticus Hicks

Director of Modern Worship
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 208

John Cowden

Director of Traditional Music
Phone: 404-636-7558 ext 226

Leanne Herrmann

Phone: 404-636-7558 ext 223

Youth Ministry

Megan Biegel

Co Director of Youth Ministry
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 201

CJ Lord

Co Director of Youth Ministry
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 202

Senior Adult Ministries

Kara Johnson

Director of Senior Adult Ministry


Taylor Pendley

Tech Director
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext 213

Virginia Sowell

Communications Coordinator


Alison Reynolds

Director of Food Service
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 227

Carl Craig

Campus Coordinator
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 219

Dwight Howard

Maintenance Coordinator
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 234

Larry Edwards

Office Assistant
Phone: 404.636.7558 ext. 215

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