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Purchasing Tickets

Last year’s barbecue introduced electronic ticketing. This year we have two options, traditional paper tickets used in years past or electronic tickets. Tickets can be purchased using the form on this page or by purchasing paper tickets from the welcome desk in the Portico. Using the electronic form, you will see two options, Adult Plate Tickets and Child Plate Tickets. Select one of these options to get started.

When selected you will be asked to input the number of tickets you wish to purchase in the “Number of Signups” box. You can type the number or use the up and down arrows to select the number of tickets. The number of tickets selected also shows in the top right-hand corner of the ticket type selected. Once the desired number of tickets are input, fill out the first and last name fields so we know who the tickets belong to. This will help us identify the tickets in the system on the day of the barbecue as well as help you with them before hand if you should have issues retrieving them.

Once you’ve selected the number of tickets for this ticket type, repeat the process with the other ticket type if desired. The process is the same. Select the other ticket type and enter the number of tickets in the “Number of Signups” box. Don’t worry, the form will remember how many of the other ticket type you selected.  Once you are satisfied with your selection, enter your email into the “Confirmation Email” box.

Be careful to enter your email correctly as this email is where your tickets will be sent at the completion of the form! Be sure to check your junk/spam folder if you don’t see your ticket email shortly after completing your purchase.

Lastly, enter your method of payment. We accept, credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, Paypal, or ACH transfer. When finished, click “Submit” and you’re all done!

Once you have electronic tickets

Congratulations! You’re in for some good barbecue! Bring your ticket email with you on the day of the barbecue either on your phone or by printing them out. But what if you want to share the deliciousness? Sharing the tickets with your family or friends can be accomplished in a multitude of ways.  You can print a ticket and give them the printed copy. You can send them a screenshot of the ticket and send it electronically. You can also give them the Access Code found below the QR code and they can bring that code with them on the day of. Each ticket is unique and can only be redeemed once, so take care in not giving out the same ticket twice!

If you buy more than one ticket, there will be two kinds of tickets in the email, group tickets and numbered tickets. The group ticket will be the first ticket in the email, followed by the numbered tickets. The group ticket will redeem all of the numbered tickets at once.  This is useful if your entire party will be present at the same time. For instance if you’ve bought tickets for just your family, you only need to present the group ticket day of.

What if I can’t do this electronically?

That’s ok! Technology isn’t for everyone. If using the online form to purchase tickets isn’t something you can do, we still have paper tickets. Contact the church office and we can get you set up with tickets. You can pick up your tickets at the front desk or we can hold your tickets at the church until the barbecue.

Redeeming your tickets

On the day of the barbecue, October 21st, bring your tickets with you on your phone or printed on paper. There will be two stations in Fellowship Hall for you to bring your tickets. Present the ticket, pay if you haven’t already, and enjoy some delicious barbecue!

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