We extend a warm welcome to you and your family. This information is provided to encourage communication and cooperation between parents and nursery employees so that all babies and toddlers may be cared for in a loving, safe, age appropriate environment. Please read carefully and then leave your child with us, relax and enjoy the service or program.


As we discover, disciple and serve in our church and community, our goal is to supplement the family in its desire to establish a spiritual foundation within a nurturing environment that, in God’s timing, will lead a child into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Purpose of Nursery Services

To help each child:IMG_0555

  • Feel comfortable, loved, happy and special.
  • Feel secure with nursery teachers and other children.
  • Have a positive experience at church.
  • Grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and socially.
  • Have a safe, clean and happy Christian environment when they are at church.

Nursery Supervisor:

Claire Metzloff – 770-894-7304

Nursery Staff: In nursery classroom there are two or more staff present at all times. Our goal is to keep the same personnel in your child’s class for consistency. Our nursery staff supervises the safety, welfare and education of our young children. Pre-K- 5th Grade classrooms have two volunteer teachers each Sunday.

Drop-off and Pick-up of Children: The nursery will open fifteen minutes prior to meetings and church services. Parents should pick up their children immediately following the service, meeting or function.

Check-in System: Keeping children safe is a primary goal at Oak Grove. Parents, all children must be checked in before entering a classroom. Check-in kiosks are located in the Portico, Room 125, in the hallway next to Room 223 and in Fellowship Hall. The system will print out two name tags, one to place on your child and one for you to keep and present to a nursery staff or Sunday school teacher when you pick up your child.

IMG_1089Visitors: Please visit one of the check-in kiosks to fill out a “child information” card.

Snack Time: A snack is provided for toddlers through 3 years old. Please provide a cup for water or juice. (This must be labeled.)


Acorns (birth through walking)…………Room 130
Seedlings (walking through 2 years)……….Room 123
Sprouts (2 years old by 9/1/18)……………Room 127
Oaks (3 years old by 9/1/18)……….……Room 129
Pre-K (4 years old by 9/1/18)…………….….Room 135

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