Oak Grove Virtual Choir

Welcome to the Oak Grove UMC Virtual Choir! You are welcome to participate!

Here are the steps:

  • I strongly recommend using 2 devices to do this: one for playback (with headphones) and one to record. Phones in general make excellent recording devices while computers or tablets tend to be better for playback.
  • Find the date. Any dates available for recording will be listed on this page (generally just one week at a time, but sometimes, if we’re *really* on top of things, an extra Sunday will appear, and you can get ahead!).
  • The first thing you’ll see under the date is a link to download the music. Any music for the date will be included in the pdf file for download.
  • Set up your phone to record video in landscape orientation (sideways, not up and down). Also don’t try to record yourself too close. I can zoom in!
  • Select your part and the hymn you’d like to record in the viewer. Hit record on your phone and then play on the viewer. (You can also use the download button to download the file to your computer if you would prefer). Use the playlist button in the upper right hand corner of the video player to select a different video.
  • Sing lustily and with good courage! And watch for the cutoffs. :/
  • Do not stop your recording until after the video in the viewer has faded out. Don’t even reach for the phone. Smile and look pleasant until it has faded out…THEN reach down and stop your recording.
  • Repeat steps 5-8 for any recording you’d like to make.
  • After you have recorded, use the upload site to upload your video. You’ll need to select the hymn you are recording, type your name, type the password, and select your file. If you need the password, email jcowden@ogumc.org to ask for it!
  • Sit back and feel good about yourself for participating in a virtual choir. Then view the fruits of our collective labor on Sunday morning at 11:00 in the traditional service!

Thank you for participating! Email jcowden@ogumc.org if you have any difficulty!

*There are no active recording projects at this time.

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